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Chris Coen, VSLD Certified Landscape Designer, serving the Richmond Area since 2002

I started Nature's Palette in February, 2002 after receiving my certificate in Landscape Design from George Washington University. I achieved certified designer status with the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers a year or so later. I have had design articles published in the Washington Gardener magazine and in the newsletter of the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers, and am a past president of that Society.

The name of my company grew out of a discussion in class about a designer's 'palette,' the familiar group of plants he or she uses most. I believe that a designer should consider all that Nature provides; it's Nature's palette, after all, that we're using.

When creating a landscape plan, it is my goal to meet or exceed the design specifications in a responsible fashion. Good design complements not only the property which is the subject of the design but also the environment in which that property is set. Great designs are those that stand the test of time, and that is my aim.

My fee structure is simple: I charge by the hour for both consultation and design time, payable upon completion of each stage of the job. I will work for you for as long as you need me, from consultation through design schematic and, if desired, to completion of a full set of the construction specification drawings you may wish to have to more easily seek bids on the installation of your job. If you would prefer to have help with the installation, I have a list of reputable landscape installers I am pleased to recommend. I am always available if you have questions.

I would be delighted to show you examples from my portfolio and to provide references upon request.

Chris Coen

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